Comedy at St Ives Corn Exchange is going from strength to strength with it gaining a great reputation within the comedy world as a great venue and lovely audiences.

It all started when Judith Barrass, who runs Jubados comedy club, got in touch and asked if the Corn Exchange would be interested in a comedy night. Third Saturday of the month was decided and the Riverport bar was transformed into St Ives version of the Comedy Store. The raised stage and PA system is idea and some months the event has been sold out. There is always a mixture of comedy styles provided by up and coming comedians who travel from throughout the UK and beyond. Some of the acts are more established in the comedy world but come to try out new materiel, others have only done a few gigs but after the supportive atmosphere of these special nights have gone on to win awards and gain recognition further up the comedy ladder.

Come and check out these night for yourself, you may see an act that soon will be a TV name and you can say you saw them before they were famous.