Screen 2- Tangerines

Director: Zaza Urushadzel

Estonia/Georgia 2017 1h 25m

It’s 1992, war between Georgians and Abkhazian
separatists rages in the post-Soviet Caucasus. Two
tangerine farmers are dragged into the conflict when they
must care for injured fighters from both sides. A
heartening story of hope and cooperation.

Date & Time: Thursday 5th July 2018  Screening starts at 8pm

Price: £5

Screen 1- Night Moves

Director: Kelly Reichardt

USA 2014 1hr 53mins

This exciting character-driven thriller tracks the journey to
radicalism made by Dena (Dakota Fanning), and Josh (Jesse
Eisenberg), as they become eco-warriors who are planning
to make a dramatic statement no one will forget

Date & Time: Friday 20th July 2018  Screening starts at 8pm

Price: £5

Psychic Night

Come and join us for an evening of Mediumship with Psychic Medium Nikki Kitt.

Getting links from loved ones in spirit for people in the audience

Date & Time: Friday 26th October 2018  7.30pm

Price: £12